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Minnesota Deer Hunt

Good Day Everyone,

  In about a week Minnesota Deer Hunt will start.  Lots of men will be out trying to bring home meat for their family and trying to get the biggest buck.  Antlers are a big thing in the hunt. For me growing up,my mom shot deer in and out of season to feed 6 kids. We were raised on venison and loved it.

  The wives of these Deer Hunters go out and hit the craft shows. They have a fun time getting in some family or girl time. It is a festive time in Minnesota.
   We are going to be at the Timberlake event.

Is everything disposable?

 Hello everyone, We have moved to my hometown and have been busy building our house. Making candy like it is going out of style. I thought I was busy when my kids were young,but today's world has made everyone busy.
  I have been making candy for 2 years now. I have jumped through all the hoops that the state and county and federal governments wants you to.  It is not cheap or easy being a small business owner. The one thing is you are working for yourself.
   I always want to keep my life simple.

Journal Your Life

Good Evening,
    I was just thinking of writing in my journal. Does anyone have a journal? Well, if you don't just write your thoughts on a piece of paper. When we write our thoughts down,it really allows us to get closer to ourselves spiritually. We can write down what our day was like,good or bad. We can rearrange our thinking for the next day. We can tell our God or whoever you consider close to,just about anything. If we harbor guilt,it will end up as resentment then depression.

A Mother is our Teacher

Happy Mother's Day Everyone!
         I am a Mom of two wonderful sons. Jesse and Christopher. I love those boys with all my heart.
         I hope every mother out there has a wonderful Mother's Day.
     As Mother's we are the first Teacher that our Children have. When I was young, I was an average mom. I thought I taught my children well.
They are very independent,and I am happy for that.

New Things are Happening

Hello Everyone!

 The  Easter Season is over,but it has brought new things into our lives. Everyone is renewed in the Easter Season. A rebirth. Isn't that fascinating.

   Have you ever had a Passion for something. Something that you like to do. Well, candy makings is mine. Someday I am going to have a new candy everyone will like. Move over snickers. Ha! Really I am.
   I want everyone to have fun and do what they enjoy. If you say, I don't have time. Well Make Time.


Dear Sister Sylvia,
I miss you so much. You had to leave our family on March 17. I miss you terribly  everyday. In my candy shop, I see you wrapping my candy. You are in a good place and I will see you someday.
    I love you with all my heart. You are my angel. Some days I just need to cry a little to ease the pain I feel. It helps. I wish you could have stayed.

                       Your Sister Sandy.

How does anyone get ahead?

Have you walked into the grocery store lately? The prices for food today are going up and  up. I really don't know how long we as Americans can put up with this. Our children go home on Friday's from school with food back packs. Not all, but a lot.  We get letters everyday about giving to our local food bank.  We are among the working poor in this country. The Blue Collar worker. We know how to work and get it done, but it is not enough to make it through the week or buy anything extra.


Hello, It is really cold in Minnesota today. How is everyone else? I really mean that. How are you doing? Do we ever think about our own Mortality.? I used to be in the nursing field ,so it was always there. We knew and we Know.

       Well, I lost my very best friend this week. At the age of 61. She did everything for everybody else ,but not for herself. I miss her. We grew up in the same neighborhood. We had lots of fun. She helped me with my kids. She loved my kids and they loved her.

New Year

Christ is Born