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Life is Great

Lets Talk Initiative

Good Evening everyone,
    I have a candy store business. I have young people working in my store. Often I think that , I wish they would do things without having to be told. No employer wants to continually tell these young adults what needs to be done.
    I got upset the other day with a young girl working in my store. I raised my voice to her. Well, that finally got her attention. I pay my people well. To sit and complain about just about everything in life, sent me through the roof.

Your Life Time Line

 Good Evening,
          I would like to share with you something I learned years ago.  How long are we going to live? Depends on a lot of things. In America the average age of a Male is somewhere around 73- 75,76 years of age. A female will live to be maybe up to 82. She will live longer than a male.
          If you live longer than that, it is a plus. Your Quality of life after the average is up to you. Your life can be taken at anytime.

Minnesota Deer Hunt

Good Day Everyone,

  In about a week Minnesota Deer Hunt will start.  Lots of men will be out trying to bring home meat for their family and trying to get the biggest buck.  Antlers are a big thing in the hunt. For me growing up,my mom shot deer in and out of season to feed 6 kids. We were raised on venison and loved it.

  The wives of these Deer Hunters go out and hit the craft shows. They have a fun time getting in some family or girl time. It is a festive time in Minnesota.
   We are going to be at the Timberlake event.

Journal Your Life

Good Evening,
    I was just thinking of writing in my journal. Does anyone have a journal? Well, if you don't just write your thoughts on a piece of paper. When we write our thoughts down,it really allows us to get closer to ourselves spiritually. We can write down what our day was like,good or bad. We can rearrange our thinking for the next day. We can tell our God or whoever you consider close to,just about anything. If we harbor guilt,it will end up as resentment then depression.



Hello All,
   Well,it has been very busy for us. I am so glad our business is doing so well. It is growing leaps and bounds.
    I have to tell you something. Since about 1980 or before that,i started reading positive thinking books. My kids thought I was crazy. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur.  I wanted to have enough money to raise our kids and give them the things I could not have,when I was a child. I had a full time job since I was 12. Everyday except Monday's.

A Big Thank You

Hello Everyone,
I want to give a big Thank you to all who came to our booth at the Nashwauk Bootique.
It was wonderful. Well I might not make it to the Farmer's Market on Saturday  October
11th. My little red tent might not make through the wind.
I made the most delicious Truffles.  I made Key Lime with White Chocolate and Nutty
Amereto,Raspberry. They are for my nephew's daughter wedding. If you need candy for
for your wedding ,call 218-259-9178.

All The Leaves Are Brown

All the leaves are Brown and the sky is Gray. Remember that song. Boy! What a wet
weekend. We had fun tho. We were at the Nashwauk Boo-tique. There were lots of folks there. I met some fine people there. I do my Christmas shopping at these craft sales. In Minnesota we have lots of crafty people. They do fine work. Some are young and some are retired. It is a social thing for people also.
I am going to be at the Farmers Market in Grand Rapids,Mn on Wednesday Oct. 9.
and Saturday October 12.

Fall is upon Us.

Hello Out there.
       Well, It is pretty crisp in the North Land today. We are suppose to have a freeze
maybe tonight. I love Minnesota because of all the seasons that we do have.
        I remember my Dad making Lefsa on the wood cook stove in our kitchen in the evening. Dad and Mom would be making it together. I also remember the canning going on. My mom canned the peaches and pears that came in the stores. They were good
for dessert in the winter.

Things are a Changing

Things are going to look different on our website soon. You will be able to order and see what we do all day long.
     Sarah, she works for us and she is absolutely great. She is the best candy molder.  She can bake too. She is going to have cookies on the website with us. We are proud of her. Now she works hard too. I can't say enough good things about my girl.
   She will be at the farmer's market with us on Wednesday's and Saturdays . That is fun too.