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Enjoy People

Happy 4th of July. It is really hot and humid here in Northern Minnesota.  I AM going on the lake tomorrow.  My adult boys are having fun today with their families and friends.
                  Well today I want to talk about water. In our lakes and rivers, streams,  there is bacteria there always. When the water gets too warm, that's when the bacteria can into a cut or any orifice. I am sure you all have heard of flesh eating bacteria.

How to talk to someone

              I have a new title today. Miss Sandy, so everyone will know I am a woman. Although , I think my father would have called men Sandy if I were a boy. I loved him so much. 
              Today I would like to talk about,(How to talk to anyone). We all go to town and we shop ,sit and have coffee or whatever we do in town or anywhere. But...… have you noticed anyone  sitting alone. I mean all alone. Sometimes people like to be alone and then , we never know why they are alone.

Positive thinking is one Thing. What is the other.

        Good Evening,   
                       I have read a lot about Postitive mental attitude. We all need that. That is hard for our brains to bring up first thing in the morning. We have so much crap that happens to us on a daily basis, its a daily, hourly event in our mind.
                       When one of our friends or even in a group setting,ask for attention,They  want to hear suggestions from the others and they want the others to feel what they feel.

Our World is Divided

                 I am writing tonight because I am weary. I went to see my oldest son this weekend. The whole family was sick. There was a hockey tournament this weekend. Went to two games on Sunday. It was fun. Grandson played. Good Player. It was his 10th birthday.
                 For the first time, I have felt distant from him. I feel love for him like any mother does. But....I saw him so busy. Too busy for me.

Lets get everyone together and visit.

 Hello out there.

           Sandy here. I would like to talk about the bad Flu we are having. Children are dying from the flu. Many. Next month we are going to have the Super Bowl happening in Minnesota. That really will be fun. What I see a lot of people already sick, going to a very large event. We have so much fun at these events. I just hope everyone washes their hands, covers the mouth, and touch very little while there. My kids used to say I was to overly protective,  And I was.

Holiday Times

   Hello Everyone,  
  Today we spent the day in a beautiful town of St. Anthony Village. It was Minnesota Agriculture Shop Small Buisness. The people were wonderful to us and the sales were great. we met so many nice business people.  The community was wonderful.
    I couldn't help noticing all the Christmas shoppers and how happy and full of spirit
they had. The vendors also. It was hard to think in the back of my mind how our president wants to divide us.

Your Reputation will last forever

    When we leave this beautiful earth ,how will people remember you. Some will say naughties and some will remember everything you did that was outstanding. How do you want to be remembered. We are all human,and do some kindly and unkindy things. But most of all we will be remember by our continuing reputation. It never goes away. We get chances and chances to change most of our behavior. God Loves everyone. I bet God gets some good laughs,wondering if we will EVER GET IT. Maybe next time.

Our Store is Open for Retail

  We have opened our little Store for retail. We do wholesale and we always had a license for retail,and everyone wants to know where they can get our candy.
 610 Hwy. 2 East  Grand Rapids,mn.  We are Right across from the new Taco Bell in Grand Rapids.
    We have Sunrise Bakery Gourmet Delights At our Store now. They offer Potica. Banana Flips and Snowballs only the way Sunrise can do. We have Janicke Bakery Brownies ,which we do and are wonderful. Their delights go to the White House.

Is everything disposable?

 Hello everyone, We have moved to my hometown and have been busy building our house. Making candy like it is going out of style. I thought I was busy when my kids were young,but today's world has made everyone busy.
  I have been making candy for 2 years now. I have jumped through all the hoops that the state and county and federal governments wants you to.  It is not cheap or easy being a small business owner. The one thing is you are working for yourself.
   I always want to keep my life simple.

A Mother is our Teacher

Happy Mother's Day Everyone!
         I am a Mom of two wonderful sons. Jesse and Christopher. I love those boys with all my heart.
         I hope every mother out there has a wonderful Mother's Day.
     As Mother's we are the first Teacher that our Children have. When I was young, I was an average mom. I thought I taught my children well.
They are very independent,and I am happy for that.