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A Big Thank You

Hello Everyone,


I want to give a big Thank you to all who came to our booth at the Nashwauk Bootique.



It was wonderful. Well I might not make it to the Farmer's Market on Saturday  October


11th. My little red tent might not make through the wind.


I made the most delicious Truffles.  I made Key Lime with White Chocolate and Nutty


Amereto,Raspberry. They are for my nephew's daughter wedding. If you need candy for


for your wedding ,call 218-259-9178. 


We will be doing Hard Candy soon. Nothing much ,but my boys loved anise candy and all


flavors that went with that type of Candy. My favorite was Bubble Gum or Root Beer.


A Lady came to our booth one day, she had a tickle in her throat and just wanted a


Lemon Candy to suck on. I will be making our Peanut Brittle. I make it a little thicker,


and tender,so we don't lose our teeth.(Specially our Sweet Tooth.)


Our new caramels: Licorice, Coffee,Pecan with real Pecans.


Wow!!! They are Great. Our new almond Nougat is my new favorite. With Milk Chocolate


and Dark they are Good!


My Mom and I used to make Fudge for Christmas. I miss her so much. Soon we will be


getting a Fudge Kettle. So there are all kinds of Changes. We Thank everyone for your




Halloween is coming so dress in your best outfit. I love Halloween. I had so much fun


when I was a kid at Halloween. And even an Adult. I dressed my oldest Spring Spaniel


up as A Sheriff one year. His name was Al. He looked so dog gone cute. I will see you


all around. Stay Happy and Healthy. Peace all over the world. Sandy



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