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A Mother is our Teacher

Happy Mother's Day Everyone!

         I am a Mom of two wonderful sons. Jesse and Christopher. I love those boys with all my heart.

         I hope every mother out there has a wonderful Mother's Day.

     As Mother's we are the first Teacher that our Children have. When I was young, I was an average mom. I thought I taught my children well.

They are very independent,and I am happy for that.

      I made them do for themselves,and I believe that gave them great confidence. They did not always get their way. I met them half way when one of the items they wanted was way too expensive. My boys grew up knowing ,I loved them and would always be there for them.

      They both worked when they were in high school and college. They both know the value of a dollar.  It took me longer on that one. I had so much fun with the both of them.

       Mother's teach your children well. I took time for mine. My house was not perfect. But, I played with them until bedtime. I was a working mom. Time is so short when they are at home. 18 comes around real fast.  When they go off into the world, Make them strong minded and fit for life's challenges. Have a Happy Mother's Day! From one mom to another.

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