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All The Leaves Are Brown

All the leaves are Brown and the sky is Gray. Remember that song. Boy! What a wet

weekend. We had fun tho. We were at the Nashwauk Boo-tique. There were lots of folks there. I met some fine people there. I do my Christmas shopping at these craft sales. In Minnesota we have lots of crafty people. They do fine work. Some are young and some are retired. It is a social thing for people also.


I am going to be at the Farmers Market in Grand Rapids,Mn on Wednesday Oct. 9.


and Saturday October 12.


October the 18th the Forest Lake Beauty Shop in Grand Rapids is going to do our candy in there for Cancer awareness.


Farmers Market on the 16th and 19th of October.


Farmers Market on the 30th if weather is permitting.



We will be at the Timberlake Lodge in Grand Rapids,MN on the November 2nd. Also the

23rd at the Timberlake Lodge.


On November 9th we will be at Lone Pine Township in Pengilly,Mn. They are having a band and choir fundraiser there along with their Craft Show. Lunch is going to be served there, Yum!


December 7th we are going to be in Little Falls,Mn. 


This is a busy time of year.  So we all need to have fun and be safe. Driving in the snow in Minnesota can be hairy at times.


The Big Minnesota Deer Hunt is November 9th. So the women shop and have also. It's fun

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