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Another Day is gone.

 Good Evening everyone,

     It was such a muggy day today wasn't it. We were going to our

property today, I thought ,oh my summer has just started and the 4th of July is over. I hope everyone had fun and was with their loved ones.

     When I was out doing my thing on the 4th,i couldn't help but think of those who have loved ones who are incarcerated. I have two boys whom I love very much. I tried to make the best home I could. I also tried to keep them out of trouble.

      We BMX raced and did family trips,skiing,swimming, and talked.

They did not tell me everything,but when asked,they were pretty honest. My oldest on the other hand told me more than I cared to know. They were the cutest kids.

      I look around and I see so many kids that have it bad. No homes,they are in foster care. Parents have 2 or more jobs just to make it. I love kids and I wish for them to have LOVE most of all. We as parents need to leave our wants aside and take care of our babies.

     Our children have been taken over by drugs and family neglect. I love our country and I feel that we are losing the battle over drugs. I worked in the hospital for 32 years and our hope there was to heal people and one way was medicine. I Hope that we as parents and community can help and not be addicts ourselves. Some days are tough. But once addicted life gets real tough. Look your children in the eyes today and tell them how much you LOVE them and can't wait to see them tomorrow. Then when tomorrow comes, tell them again.

I want my Grand Children to have the same on this earth as I had. I know you do to. Peace all over the World. Sandy


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