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Good evening, Tonight I would like to talk about raising children,making them financially fit.. Well, this is difficult for everyone. People who have been given everything in their life,will not understand this. There is a large percentage of americans still living with their Parents at the age of 37. I ask Why? I can probably guess that their parents or grandparents have given them everything that they want.  Who would work. They can drive a car that was given to them, put gas in the car, that someone gave them money for. Generally they don't have a care in the world because someone has always taken care of them. Well, what I say to that is,HOPE THE MONEY BAGS LIVE A LONG TIME.

In the meantime we have jobs all over the place that need to be filled. These young people do not want to work. They also have poor work ethics. They do not know how. In our country we are making a lot of robotics. I now know the reason. We have self check outs in our stores everywhere. We need those. Young people will work at a store, but they don't last long. They will call in sick a lot. Then they don't have enough workers to work that day. A young person can have many jobs in one year. They quit job after job.

These younger people want what the older workers have NOW. They don't want to put in the time in one job. So they go back to where the money flows. That is with their parents or grand parents. I really don't know when it is going to end. We have 80 year old people who are working. I think this is disrespectful to our elders , unless they want to work. What is it going to take for these young people to get the motivation we had when we were their age.

My motivation was that my parents were not rich. Like many of the children my age. We also had respect for our parents. We also wanted them to be  proud of us, which in turn made them feel like they did a good job at raising a good child. If this cycle does not stop, it is going to be passed down to the next generation. This is poor job of parenting. You need to make these kids responsible, respectful and resourceful. That is our job as parents and grandparents. We parents and grandparents are not going to live long enough to take care of them financially. They need to be taught how to take care of themselves. They need to have good values. Moral values. That needs to come from us as parents. They need to taught these before they get in school. Teachers are not there to bring up your child. Their job is heavy. These young people are parents themselves at a very young age. They know very little. So who takes care of their babies.? Mom and dads and grandma and grand pa.

I want these young people to have a chance. Just like me and you. Its not ok to not educate these children. With that I hope all us get a chance to teach these children anything that we know. It is our responsibility as humans to do that. Have a wonderful nite. Thank you. Peace Please.

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