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Good evening everyone,

    My husband and I were in Bovey, Minnesota on Labor Day . It was fun. A man came up to our booth and started talking to us.


    He said he was southern Minnesota. He has a cabin up north here. He said he was a

farmer in southern Minnesota.  He also said he was a transporter for Heroin or Meth

addicts to the Local Addicts Center. He said that the police are to busy to transport them once they are picked up.


    He said there is a lot of drugs down there also. In my Local Home town paper, I read that Heroin was the drug of choice now in Northern Minnesota. I can't say that I was shocked,but saddened by the whole thing.


    I know people do these things to get away from the pain in their life. Why is there so much pain? I lived through a deep dark depression, and I was thankful to come out. I got stronger. But, when I see people, I think are they High, Down, or what. Hilary Clinton was right when she said America  has an infatuation with drugs. We are selling out our souls to dark places.


   I don't like to sound negative,but the amount of drugs that pour into this country is disgusting. When is enough, enough. Our children, My Grandchildren are not going to have a prayer in this crap. Listen to me and realize what it does to your body. You

might have 10-15 years on this stuff and then you will be disabled. And that is a fact. We are sending our children to the gutter man. We have fought so hard in this country to save our freedom. When we are weak, which I believe we only have a few good men left to fight for our country, then we will be taken over fast.


    Take a good look parents, at your children. Go to those schools they are in, sit there

for a day and a week if you can. You will be scared. Stuff really happens there. I am sorry to scare you like this,but it is real. Go to a drug rehab unit. The truth is there.

Our country is being taken over by drugs. Let's maybe Look at ourselves. Peace.

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