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Event This weekend November 30th

Hello everyone at Remer Woodman's Café. I haven't seen you folks for some time.

See you soon. Have a Happy Turkey Day.

     If you haven't been to Kelly's Antiques yet, you need to stop by. There are plenty of Gifts over there and beautiful antiques. Check it out for some of your Holiday gifts.



This weekend we will be over at the Sawmill Inn in Grand Rapids,Minnesota. Time I believe is 8-4:00. It will be fun. So stop and see us there this weekend.


I will be bringing some Truffles there. You can buy them one at a time or  many. We will be having Candy Boxes there, so you can build your own. Remember Truffles have a creamy soft center and they don't Last too long.


Have a Happy Turkey Day!


I would like to thank my Family for their help and support. We couldn't do it without

you. We appreciate you so very much.


Please remember to give thanks this Thanksgiving. Peace to All.



Jeff and Sandy


Buster,Daisy, Tuffy and Cubby  ( They are our family of Springers.) They are always


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