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Fall is upon Us.

Hello Out there.


       Well, It is pretty crisp in the North Land today. We are suppose to have a freeze

maybe tonight. I love Minnesota because of all the seasons that we do have.

        I remember my Dad making Lefsa on the wood cook stove in our kitchen in the evening. Dad and Mom would be making it together. I also remember the canning going on. My mom canned the peaches and pears that came in the stores. They were good

for dessert in the winter.That was a treat.


        We also had a root cellar. Mom and Dad would put carrots,potatoes and squash in the root cellar. We had fresh vegetables for the winter.


         When I go to the Farmers Market on Saturday these vegetables are beautiful. We also have two men there that grow many gladiolas. They are so Pretty. One man plants 5000 every year and another 2000 every year. They sell many.


         This coming weekend we will be at the Farmers Market in Grand Rapids and  Gunn

Park also on Saturday. It is Rummage Sale on 38. Please stop by and see us. I am going to make a couple Blueberry Pies and Chocolate Chip Cookies. I hope it is a good day for everyone.


          Have fun whatever you do. Peace to everyone.Sandy G


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