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Hello, It is really cold in Minnesota today. How is everyone else? I really mean that. How are you doing? Do we ever think about our own Mortality.? I used to be in the nursing field ,so it was always there. We knew and we Know.

Well, I lost my very best friend this week. At the age of 61. She did everything for everybody else ,but not for herself. I miss her. We grew up in the same neighborhood. We had lots of fun. She helped me with my kids. She loved my kids and they loved her. When I told them,they were quiet. She never married,never had kids. That is the way she wanted it. It was a long time since I told her that I loved her.

      I am writing today to tell you that I am sorry that I did not do that. We had argued over politics. What a crazy thing to argue about. Politics and Religion.

      Please today tell that someone how much you care for them. A friend is someone closer than a relative.

       I am 59 and friends don't come along everyday anymore.

I have friends. But not like  my friend Janet.

        We talked last week about this and that. I live out of the town we grew up in.

         If you have a close friend,stay connected and talk regularly. Someday the connection will be gone. The old saying is "You don't know what you have till it's gone"

         We all think we are going to live forever. We are invinsible.  Everyone else gets sick. Not us. Well, think again.

          I was watching a TV show last night. It had professors on it discussing the future of our world.  Water!!!!  We are already tapping into our backups. They said that our sewage plants might not be able to use the water for drinking after being scrubbed. Our water tables do not take out the caffeine from our water. They tested fish,they had caffeine. Because of the mining in our area, the water is like third world countries. Yes! America. Some of you may be surprised

others are not. We have too many people to feed. 5 Billion too many. Or More. Romans were greedy and fell. America is greedy and will fall also.

       Gloom and Doom. No, Just Reality. Reality is what no one likes. It will make them accountable.

        Janet Bless You. I loved you Friend.  Sandy

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