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Go and Get It

Hello again, I guess it must be my night to blog tonight. I want to tell you that since about 1980,I have been reading books on how to get what you want. Well,it did not work well then. After learning and training in my mind, I am where I want to be.

You see what we tell ourselves in our head does come to being. Maybe not now ,but if you focus on it,it will come to pass. If you think negative things or thoughts of hurting

yourself, then you need to get help. Remember health care does not stop at the neck.

Actually, 79% or greater of our thoughts are negative. Things like:

                 My hair is so bad today.

                 I  am so fat.

                  My car is so old. and things like thatl


Everytime we have negative thoughts, we need to fix them. Change the sentence a little

bit. My hair looks pretty darn good today. I am losing weight and feel great. Things like

that. Have you complimented anyone today? Set yourself to do something like that everyday. Listen to the responses.  It will make you feel good about yourself as well as the other.


Some good books to read are from Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar,Dr. Phil, and any of those.

I read anything, I love to read when I can. I love History and always have.


Start a group. It takes only four to make that happen.

I am also a Life Coach. And I probably have been all my life.

Motivate yourself to do anything you want. Sometime this may get us down, but brush yourself off and get going. Staying social is the best thing for your brain. Try something

new. Visit the elderly. Babysit for your neighbor. Do you know your neighbor?


When you Love yourself ,it shows. This little light of mine,I'm going to let it shine.

Trust yourself. Say Hello to someone new in the Morning. Maybe they need a lift too!


See Yah, Sandy Peace.


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