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Holiday Times

   Hello Everyone,  

  Today we spent the day in a beautiful town of St. Anthony Village. It was Minnesota Agriculture Shop Small Buisness. The people were wonderful to us and the sales were great. we met so many nice business people.  The community was wonderful.

    I couldn't help noticing all the Christmas shoppers and how happy and full of spirit

they had. The vendors also. It was hard to think in the back of my mind how our president wants to divide us. There were all walks of life. Young and old, peoples of all

colors and nations. Happy. We are a strong America,and most of us know God has made us all the same. We bleed the same blood.

  I thought of the days of my youth,where we did not get a lot for Christmas. But, we were happy. We had so many kids and friends to last all day long,everyday. We did not bully kids, we took care of one another. We loved. We had not so good days, but we did not show anything. We played for hours on end. Did what was expected of us and showed great respect to everyone.

   I cry for my relatives who have left me. I miss my mom and dad and my sister and my baby. Tomorrow my baby will be 46 years old and I think of her every day. Happy Birthday Gretchen.

   I cry for the children that die senselessly. I love children. Children do not take your own life. Let God take you home when it is time. Children if you are sick, fight hard to get better. Fight Hard.

  I cry when I see our country in such disarray. I love this country, I love the young and old. I pray god bring Peace to us again. I am grateful for life and everything.

  This is a beautiful world. We have to keep positive everyday. Our subconscious mind

works in the negatory 79 % of the time. Use affirmations everyday for positive. You can say everyday ( I am Loved. I am Happy. I am Beautiful.) Promise me.

   I would love to take the hate that has infected our world. I wonder ,How in the World did this happen and Why. How do we get back. Pray to your God. And remember he will anwer you.   Good Nite  Sandy G. Peace


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