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How does anyone get ahead?

Have you walked into the grocery store lately? The prices for food today are going up and  up. I really don't know how long we as Americans can put up with this. Our children go home on Friday's from school with food back packs. Not all, but a lot.  We get letters everyday about giving to our local food bank.  We are among the working poor in this country. The Blue Collar worker. We know how to work and get it done, but it is not enough to make it through the week or buy anything extra.

What has to be done to get some normalcy back into our country. I really think that when the baby boomers are done working, the work will not get done. Our younger generation doesn't want to do labor jobs. They want Techy jobs. Who is going to do our highways and sewers,nursing, janitorial. Not our young people. These large companies are in such a hurry to get the older generation out, because we cost them money. But look what we have to replace them. This is a fact.

       There are only so many computer jobs. We as a company are so lucky to have the people we do. The biggest obstacle for small business is to find people who want to work and take pride in what they do. I am 59 yrs. old. I had no choice what job I was going to do. I did the job,because I needed money.I was 12 years old. Mom and Dad did not give handouts. There were none. We were it. I am very proud of who I have become and who I am.

      I do not know how the younger generation or older generation can keep up to this inflation that has grown out of control. I want our young people to have a chance. There is nothing more depressing than working all week,pay your bills and nothing left for you

at the end of the week. We are Americans and we need to get things back on track. It is not about unions getting to much pay. How much money do these corporations and big business need. You can't take it with you. Family will just fight over your money. How much do big business need.  A gallon of milk for our children is almost 4.00. In Minnesota they want to raise the minimum wage. That is great. If, the price of everything don't go through the roof. Our grandchildren,what about our grandchildren?

I love this country,and it is still the best in the world. But, we need some hope that it will get better. Not a government official to just talk the talk,but to walk the walk.

    Today, it seems the only business in America that is making money in the blue collar world and otherwise ,is the Drug Buisness.

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