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How to talk to someone

              I have a new title today. Miss Sandy, so everyone will know I am a woman. Although , I think my father would have called men Sandy if I were a boy. I loved him so much. 

              Today I would like to talk about,(How to talk to anyone). We all go to town and we shop ,sit and have coffee or whatever we do in town or anywhere. But...… have you noticed anyone  sitting alone. I mean all alone. Sometimes people like to be alone and then , we never know why they are alone. I always find a way to talk to these people. It will take as long as I want to take.All are very interesting.

               The best way to start and continue is to ask questions. Keep on asking questions. Appropriate questions. Sometimes, you will find that older people may have lost a spouse and just need to be somewhere. Just to feel a part of society. It could help that person with depression or a illness that they might have. In my years of working at the hospital, I have found that the older we the more depressed we get. Our brains are not making the serotonin that it once did. Serotonin is a neuroinhibitory. It helps with memory and it contributes to feelings of well being and happiness. Many people of age will be given a antidepressant for this reason.

              We will all age. There is no doubt about that. But most importantly, you can learn a lot from the aged. They have lived and have memories that are worth them sharing with you and anyone. Same with the disabled and women and men who seem lost . A little communication can help  emmensly. That is how we grow in intelligence and knowledge.

                If you want to start a group. Four or more people can do that.Meet once a week, pick a topic or a word. Talk about that. Some emotions will come out that have been there for awhile. It will help people to know that they are wanted. Start it at work or church or a coffee shop. Start with a word like friend,school,passions, cooking. 

The list goes on and on. Or open a magazine and find an article about something andwithout even reading it,talk about the title. More positive articles. You would not believe how much knowledge will be learned and passed along and learned.


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