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How would you feel

 Hello everyone. I have  been thinking. How do  you feel about things. We all are Human and built the same way. 

    What if someone you know, hurt your feelings. Do you think they know what they did.? I believe they do. Maybe some don't, but the majority do. You know when you hurt someone. Put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel.? I would apologize right away. I probably would not say terrible things, unless provoked.

     I do also think there are people out there, that want to hurt other peoples feelings. It makes them feel better. They really don't see anything wrong with their behavior. We all know better inside. Some people have to feel superior,some are jealous of you, some don't like your looks. What ever their hang up may be. Do not let them get to you. You just keep on with who you are and what morals and values you stand for. You are that special,

       To be kind and nice is just being ourselves. Let that light shine of yours. Smile and show the world how it should be done. You do know that 79% negative thoughts are in our head. We do have to work at being happy and positive. Its not hard. Just more of an effort.

    1. Say something nice to people everyday or compliment people.Its not hard. Just to smile and say Hello to people on the street is great.

    2. Strike up a Conversation. You don't have to tell them your life history. Speak from your heart. More people like this. They like to know the real person.

    3.Tell the truth always. Someone will always find out. You don't want to explain yourself.

    4. Never talk about other people in front of them. Save that for a close friend of yours.


 Think before we speak. Sometimes easier said than done. I try to follow these rules. So be as happy as you can and try to be helpful and kind to everyone. Peace   sandy

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