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In the Good Ol' Summer Time

It was such a beautiful day here in Northern Minnesota. I hope it was

just as fun and warm where you were. Well, I was up to Remer again

last week. Business is picking up there. Bob was mowing the lawn and Julie was making the most wonderful smelling croutons. Yum! That smell carried for a block or two. I had a Wisconsin ice cream cone that lasted almost the whole way home. Nice folks up there. Please stop in at the Woodman's Café and have a wonderful meal. It is the home of the big Woody. I bet you can even get a T-Shirt that says exactly that.


      My job is too fun. I get to meet  the nicest people.. We now have our candy at Hopperton's Gift Store in Grand Rapids,Mn. I remember going in there when I was a teenager. They have the coolest stuff in there. I remember when I was 15, I went in there and got my first sterling silver ring. It was so simple,but I loved it. It had a bear claw all the way around it. I saved my money for that ring. Thank you Kim once again. Please stop in and see the treasures in there.


       I then traveled to Hibbing,MN. There I went to Kelly's Antique's Now, that girl can put a smile on your face. She has this beautiful cherry mahogany table with eight chairs and a hutch. Man that is gorgeous and the price is right. She  is a hard worker. Speaking about hard workers......When a person works hard and can clock out at the end of the day, they can go home knowing they did their best. You feel good

about yourself and that will give you a better outlook on life in general.


      You will wake the next day and.feel good. No one likes to go to work on a nice day,but it brings home the bread and butter. But, when you make it worth your while at work, someone will notice. Everyone likes to be told good things about their work. The more you do the extra mile the better you will feel about yourself. My mom was a hard worker and made sure we all were.

      We worked when we were very young, all of us. We had too. Now, some people have things given to them right from the start. We were lucky if we had 3 pairs of socks for the whole school year. We had lots of fun and lots of love at our house. Somehow when you have to work for things, it means a lot more than when it was just given. Go out and do your best at work and play hard on days off.


      Peace to everyone all over the world. Sandy Gauwitz



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