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Is everything disposable?

 Hello everyone, We have moved to my hometown and have been busy building our house. Making candy like it is going out of style. I thought I was busy when my kids were young,but today's world has made everyone busy.

  I have been making candy for 2 years now. I have jumped through all the hoops that the state and county and federal governments wants you to.  It is not cheap or easy being a small business owner. The one thing is you are working for yourself.

   I always want to keep my life simple. It just seems harder for me today,I don't know about other people.   You walk into a grocery store today and you walk out with 150.00

in your bags and you wonder.

   People go into a discount clothing store and come out with junk. Clothes are disposable. But, yet they have taken over our cities. The middle class is getting poorer, the rich are finding ways to make themselves even richer.  There used to be wholesale.Guess what that seems to be out the window.

    Still, we are pushing our children to go to these big colleges with jobs no where in site. They get grants, loans and etc. They still have to pay the loans back. Guess what then the kids move back home and get money from you.

Romances are gone. Marriages die. These too are disposable. New break ups everyday. Families broken. Why does LOVE never die. LOVE is not disposable. LOVE for oneself is not disposable. After all the breakups,deaths,love for yourself is strong and should carry on and does carry on.

   I have prayed for peace all over the world for years. Little children dying in the streets from a deadly virus. People think we are invinsible. We are not. We can all get

sick and die. Our bodies can only take so much. People need to be simple and not want the most priceless things in life.  Because life is priceless. Rich can buy healthy bodies.

    Hold on to what is for you and don't want what your neighbor has. I was raised in a 2 bedroom home with 5 other brothers and sisters. We had love. We worked hard. We had a blast.   Signing off   sandy   Pray for the whole world.

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