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It is raining again today.

Good Morning to all !


      We are going to have a new look with our website. You will be

able to order right off our site. Yes ! That is right. Right Here!

       Well,enough of that. I went to Longville,Minnesota Wednesday.

They Have Turtle Races there every Wednesday. I had Fun. I could not

believe how a small small town could light up like the 4th of July.

People came from all over the country. How fun. The Turtles actually

race for 2 hours.

        On Saturday my husband and I went to the farmers market as a

vendor in our town Grand Rapids, Minnesota. We had fun! Please come and see us on Saturdays and Wednesdays Throughout the Summer. We met the nicest people and some old friends. I even hopped on a motorcyle and got a ride with an old friend.

         It is raining again today. No worries, try something new. Please do not let it get you down. Get up! Get Going! Call someone or go somewhere new. Go window shopping. I love to do that. Talk to your dog. Oh yes. They are your best friends.


         Try something new in the kitchen. Go to the Library. Or just make it a goal today to be happy and enjoy this day..If you are in the

land where the sun is hot and shining, go out and get that Vitamin D.

     Have a good Day!   Peace all over the World! Sandy

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