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Journal Your Life

Good Evening,

    I was just thinking of writing in my journal. Does anyone have a journal? Well, if you don't just write your thoughts on a piece of paper. When we write our thoughts down,it really allows us to get closer to ourselves spiritually. We can write down what our day was like,good or bad. We can rearrange our thinking for the next day. We can tell our God or whoever you consider close to,just about anything. If we harbor guilt,it will end up as resentment then depression. So, It is really good to get it off your chest. It is best to tell the person whom you have harmed,how and why you did what you did. Some times just to tell your journal is all we can muster up. 

     Kids learn to journal in school, because they have a lot on their mind. It is too bad most kids and people can't really talk to one another.

     Like today I spent most of the afternoon in a laundry mat. I was not so happy about that. But, that will be short lived. I do not know how the longer people with just  minimum jobs do it. Each Machine was 3.50 or more. Minimum is only 7.15 now. So, it was a good reality check. Some are not as fortunate as others. Even if our kids go to school, they are not promised jobs. It's difficult sometimes. But never ever give up.

     Follow your passions and the gifts we have been given and we will persevere.

      So go into your journal today, and give it all you got today. Write it down and it will happen. Why do you think we write lists. Because if it is written down ,we will do it.

             Good nite All          Peace to all            Thanks Sandy

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