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Lets get everyone together and visit.

 Hello out there.

           Sandy here. I would like to talk about the bad Flu we are having. Children are dying from the flu. Many. Next month we are going to have the Super Bowl happening in Minnesota. That really will be fun. What I see a lot of people already sick, going to a very large event. We have so much fun at these events. I just hope everyone washes their hands, covers the mouth, and touch very little while there. My kids used to say I was to overly protective,  And I was. The Bad bugs are getting worse. Antibiotics don't seem to cut those infected. Stay warm, and washing our hands is the best thing we can do for it.

             What I would like to talk about also, is group talking. We all have friends and talk. But....there are people who don't have friends or shut in their homes and can not get out socialize. What about those. They also have ideas and memories to share. I have found that I have become a victim of Facebook or anywhere on the web. I have made a pledge to my self, not to do this. People need to talk face to face. If that means go out for coffee or just meeting in the park. Just to talk about our ideas, world, family, and really seeing someone in person. People usually get in a group to do volunteer work, funerals, wedding. We just need to relax and really talk. The web has made people attached, addicted. There is a lot of knowledge on there. I was thinking the other day ,how fast the week went. what did I get accomplished. I would like to get together with people and just talk about anything. Relax ,have tea, coffee, Talk about our physical wellbeings.  Get together and just have certain subjects to talk about. Make it once a week and invite new people and then some new people. Not to fix anything, to learn things. That is what keeps our minds well.

             Practice talking to strangers or newcomers at the park or bike trail.Safety first. Make people open up to you, and you to them. You will be amazed. Good Luck

             Well, I have to get up early to meet someone, so good evening.  Peace. Try some new craft or book on the earth, or how to build bird houses, or plant flowers.


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