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Lets Talk Initiative

Good Evening everyone,

    I have a candy store business. I have young people working in my store. Often I think that , I wish they would do things without having to be told. No employer wants to continually tell these young adults what needs to be done.

    I got upset the other day with a young girl working in my store. I raised my voice to her. Well, that finally got her attention. I pay my people well. To sit and complain about just about everything in life, sent me through the roof. I ordered out things to do.That evening she quit. She probably never had anyone tell her what to do. Plus , the young would not take any kind of training before. She had thought she knew it all.

    Maybe I humbled her, I do not know. Employers like it when employees go above and beyond their normal work. They make good people, and will go far in the world. To have to be told on and on to do things is not a good employee. So you wonder why these employees don't take the initiative to do the extra. Isnt praise better than this outcome. Family life is like this too. Families will argue over , who takes out the garbage or who does the dishes. If everyone took the initiative to do the extra, can you image the family dynamics and the work force we would have. Your reputations would be great. You will go far. You will also be rewarded well.. Just to bend over and pick a scrap of paper off the floor, put a coffee cup in the sink,  do the laundry, are all extras if you don't do them all the time.  That makes good kids and employees. So take the initiative to do something small extra. You will be praised in no time. 

     It will build your self esteem and make you feel better about yourself.  Thank you for reading all. Its fun. Sometimes I just pick a word and write about what is ever in my head.  Nite all!!

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