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Minnesota State Fair 2013

Hello Everyone and Everywhere!!!

      The Minnesota State Fair is here soon. You can get anything to eat on a stick. Most people go and eat their way through the fair. The food is good and different. The people are fun to watch and the entertainment is outstanding. My chocolate will not be there. Darn! Darn!Darn!

       I sold children's educational books there one time. It was fun. I was to the State Fair  two times in my life. The first time some friends and I went together and another time by myself to sell books..

      I do not know the city driving very well, but my son gave me good directions and led me right to it. I parked across the street  and walked through the gates. Easy as Pie. I could not believe it. I live in a small town in the woods of northern Minnesota. I made it safely and to right place with no problems or trouble.

        How come do we have so many problems in life if we let them conquer us. If one is doing the right thing,(like I followed directions from my son) why do we have doubts about our outcomes? We have this little self talk inside all of us. It is the right and the wrong button inside. We know when we do right and we know when we do wrong. It is like our very own discipline talk.

       We know that when we eat too many good things, that internal discipline talk tells us , we are about to put on a couple of pounds. Do We Listen?

        As Children we are always happy and mom and dad take care of that discipline for us. Then all of a sudden this talk inside shows up and we wonder,Where did that come from?

         Hopefully we know from our parents right from wrong.

We can then make good decision based on what we were taught. We go to Church, Yes I said Church, there we find and hear about good things that help us make good decisions.

        When children are left on their own, they do not make good choices. They need the physical teaching of their parents to do so. Today's world is busy for parents,but it was back in the day too. Mom ,Dad and Children all worked at home in the fields to make life happen. No complaining, they knew money had to be made somehow. So they did it.  Children did not know any different.These were your strong people. Nothing was ever given to them.Times could be difficult. They kept on keeping on. They were your proud people and families survived TOGETHER.

         So the moral to this Story is Talk to your family, work hard. Practice Independence to your children. Remember we will not live forever and we need strong,confident, proud kids. Oh! Eat Good things at the Fair. But Listen to the talk inside and not your StomachAche.!!!! Peace all over the World.Sandy G.

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