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Our World is Divided

                 I am writing tonight because I am weary. I went to see my oldest son this weekend. The whole family was sick. There was a hockey tournament this weekend. Went to two games on Sunday. It was fun. Grandson played. Good Player. It was his 10th birthday.

                 For the first time, I have felt distant from him. I feel love for him like any mother does. But....I saw him so busy. Too busy for me. He always had time for me. His world is different from mine. I realize that.

                  It seemed like the whole family was running around. Anxious and not looking very happy. I did not feel welcome. Our world is divided. I felt in the way. I was wondering if any other Mother feels like that.

                  I divorced my husband(their father) about 16 years ago. Both my boys have distanced themselves from me. I was the best mom I knew how to be. I was driving down the highway and saw a sign that said(Call your Mom today.)

                   It was then that I thought, I wish I could call my mom and everything would be ok. But, she is dead. My dad is Dead. You see once your dead, your dead. You can not come back.

                    So you see, What I need you to do is:

1. Call your Mom.

2. Call your Dad

3. Show respect.

4. Your world is shrinking also.

    Don't let it pop out of sight.

5. Remember where you came from.

6. Don't feel like this anynight.

Make your world count.  Peace Sandy

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