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Physical Injury

Hello,  I have been gone for awhile. Let me tell you why. I have a torn Ham String and Pulled Tendon. It Hurts. I have been in a Chair with my leg up and on Ice. I am here to tell you never do this. It is a long recovery. No surgery. They do not fix them anymore.

       I slipped on water at the factory. I did the splits and a ambulance came and got me.

       Do you know where your Hamstring is . Your hamstring is made up of three muscles. They go from your pelvis bone down to the back of your thigh, right above the knee. I tore all 3 off the pelvis bone. and the tendon. My leg swelled up and turned purple from the bleeding of the tear. Your butt is so sore because that is where the pelvis bone is. It bleeds underneath the skin. It is hard to sit. I sit on ice.

       So that is my story. I was in nursing for 32 years of my life. I loved it. I did not know how painful this is. Now I know. So on to my next post. Sandy and Peace be all over world.

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