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Positive thinking is one Thing. What is the other.

                       I have read a lot about Postitive mental attitude. We all need that. That is hard for our brains to bring up first thing in the morning. We have so much crap that happens to us on a daily basis, its a daily, hourly event in our mind.

                       When one of our friends or even in a group setting,ask for attention,They  want to hear suggestions from the others and they want the others to feel what they feel. They don't want to hear always that,(that's ok ,you can rebuild your house from the fire) They want empathy.

                        I have been around people who just think everything is going to be great. One has to work at great things. 1.) Believe in God. Prayers help. 2.) Focus

3.)Taking steps to make things happen. And Making things happen don't happen over night. 4.)Keep your vision. What do you want, and work toward that goal. If you want to change who you are,Work on that. Change your friends, and maybe your environment.

5.) Write these down.6.) Listen to the older generations, they know a lot. COMMON SENSE.

                         Have you been around college educated people. You hang with some. You walk away wondering who these people really are.

                         You have a gut instinct, that God has given everyone of us. I grew up lower income, but we were happy. I would learn what I could that interests me and pass on that knowledge. Knowledge is so powerful. Learn peoples feelings and you got gold.

                         I was watching on TV news one night about immigrants trying to make it to America. They were fleeing their country. They had children and the whole family on make shift boats. I can't imagine. A few days later, children and adults were washed up on shore. Dead. Saddened me. These people had great thinking that they would make it. I don't know an answer. All the want and will doesn't make things happen.

                         I don't believe they were completely ready. But, they did have the work ethic down. I still wonder if any of them made it anywhere.

                         Empathy again.  On a positive note. Have fun in life , do what you can.

and love yourself. Sandy

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