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Hello All,

   Well,it has been very busy for us. I am so glad our business is doing so well. It is growing leaps and bounds.

    I have to tell you something. Since about 1980 or before that,i started reading positive thinking books. My kids thought I was crazy. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur.  I wanted to have enough money to raise our kids and give them the things I could not have,when I was a child. I had a full time job since I was 12. Everyday except Monday's. I worked after school. I worked hard, that's how my mother and father raised us. We were not any different than any other kids in the neighborhood. I know kids that did not have to work.

   I wanted nice clothes. I wanted more than my parents could afford. The only way to get those things was to earn them. My parents were great parents. My father had heart problems,so he worked at home ,with the sawmill. My mom worked at a dry cleaners. She worked very hard. She had 6 kids and we had each other. She and my father did their best. We lived in a two bedroom home,and mom and dad had one. You put the rest together. We were everywhere. But, We had so much, that most kids don't have today. That is Love. They did not say it. But we knew. We also had friends! Friends,Friends. There were 73 in our neighborhood. We had a Blast. We were always playing softball,sliding, football, at the lake. We just did. We lived in Northern Minnesota and Life was great.

   Everytime  I meet friends from the neighborhood and they always say," Sandy we had fun didn't we" I said yes we did.

   We did not have nothing. We used our imaginations and played. We were just kids. 


   Do you think Kids can have fun today with nothing? No! They need every gadget to get them through each day. What is really goofy,is two people sitting across from one another in a restaurant,and both are on their cell phones. I know today is the technology day and age. But, don't we have to talk to have a relationship face to face with one another. Can you look in the eyes of your loved ones and see the pain or happiness or maybe even anger? Look.Can you read his or her eyes? It is not hard.

When you are texting does words match the feelings? No! We only want to read good things on the phone. When you are sitting down with someone, really look at them, listen to them, ask them questions about them. People are very interesting. Then Look in their eyes. You have opened their world. You have given them life.

   Someone is listening to me. Someone is looking at me. Someone is sitting with me.

I can touch them. I can feel their emotions.  I AM ALIVE.

     That is how we did it in my youth and I still practice that today.

      Thank you. Peace to you. Sandy.

P.S. We are going to be at Timberlake Lodge this weekend with our Candy. I hope to see you there. Never Give UP.

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