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Sullivan Buying Show April 10th

Hello Everyone,


      I Would like to invite anyone and everyone over to Hibbing,


 to Sullivan Candies. It is right behind Hardees on the Beltline.


 Thanks to Tom Sullivan and his staff. Great people, come on over.



      Please stop by Kelly's Antiques on the way over.  On your way


 over, wear your seatbeats. Thank You. Let's hope for the sun soon.



  PS.... I am reading a real good book. It is so good, and so much truth


  I worked with the elderly for most of my life.  I learned so much


  about life from them. I listened intently. They have so much


knowledge and their life was breaking the road for us.  Their values


were so simple and easy to follow.  I loved each and everyone of





    Anyway, the name of this book is (30 Lessons for Living), it is


written by a Karl Pillemer,Ph.D ( a gerontologist)



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