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Sunshine at my door and windows

   Good Morning Everyone,


     I have something to tell you. I have been busy and very busy putting our wholesale shop together in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

     We now live at Hwy.2 Business Center in Grand Rapids. We need to thank Sam Grazdonich who owns the building. He gave us the opportunity to operate down there. I love our building.


     We are not retail,but you can stop by and order or call us at 218-259-9178 and order. We deliver your fine chocolates or we mail them.


      We are doing Weddings and any party that is special to you or your family. Call or stop in to  get started. 


       Also, we had a photo shoot for our new website pictures and you will be able to order online and it will be sent to you.


      Too many exciting things.



 When I had my heart attack in 2004,I thought and I knew things were going to have to change. And they did! It wasn't good for awhile but it if you are patient and wait,good things can and do happen. Life is Good and I appreciate every minute of everyday.


Thanks again to everyone. Peace, Sandy G.

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