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Welcome 2020

Happy New Year Everyone,


            I truly mean that . I am doing well after my surgery. I have been away from here because I am a candy maker. But..... I do love to write. I hope all is well in your life.

If, it is not, then it is time to change that.

             1. We need to get more rest, and after the holidays, it is a must. It

             2. Eat Better. Clean up your garbage plate and put some new things on it like home grown food. Or local food.

             3. Go out and look your best. You do not need the new fashion,just a clean body and a smile. I remember when I grew up in the sixties.Oh it was such fun. We spent everyday just feeling free a nd happy. You remember the flower children, I was one of those. I was just saying the other day, that everyone was our friend. People got along with everyone. 

              4. Talk or smile on everyone. They maybe hurting inside and you may just save a life in a day. It doesn't take much to say hello, good morning.

              5.The rest is up to you.

      Well, I have lost a lot of weight fast because of this surgery. 65 pounds in 3 months. I feel better tho. No burning in my throat. I can talk. 

        We all can communicate in one form or another. So even if you are mad at your boyfriend or girlfriend the cold shoulder, that still is a form of communication. Not a very good conversation there. When we look with our eyes different, that is communication. Body language is communication. So we have to be aware of what we are doing around others. 

          When I was sick with my stomach and throat, I was angry. Everyone knew it. I can not apologize enough.  I felt so guilty after. I was not myself. There was not a lot of empathetic around me. I feel much better. I worked in health care for years and I got to read people fairly easy. Sometimes its not the pain so much as the mental feeling of being not well. For all you nursing students out there, I hope you take time to get to know your patients.  Mentally people can feel better just by talking to them. Learn the power of the spoken word. Practice empathy. Really learn how it must feel if you are in their shoes. Touch a shoulder, say some comforting words. IT MEANS ALOT.  Look into their eyes .Show them you care. Healing will begin. The loving words you share are is what is making up you. YOU AS A PERSON. Try it and see what happens.


 Thank you Miss Sandy


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