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Where do you find your Peace

Good Evening,

     It is Sunday and it is Hotter than Hot outside. Today I did house cleaning and paperwork. I will be at the Duluth Farmers Market on Tuesday from 11:00 to 1:00pm.

Please come and buy our candy.Ha!

      I love it downtown Duluth. The large body of water, big ships and people. When you go down that big hill, you will see the sky and the water meet. It's beautiful. That is when I feel most peaceful. I love the northshore of Minnesota. Where do you find your peace.

     Close your eyes and think of the place where you feel the best. Mine is the water. You see people climbing big mountains and you think ,those people are nuts. Those people must find that kind of peace I'm talking about. Flying in a hot air balloon. Lying in a field of green grass and looking up in sky, trying to make some figures out of those fluffy clouds. No one there. Just you. You can hear maybe a slight breeze. Peaceful time isn't it. How about walking on rocks, climbing rocks. It's peaceful when you get to the top.

     We can not let our peaceful moments slip away. Take time for that special time soon. It will be good on your heart. Both ways. Health wise and opening it up to new visions.

        While your eyes are closed reach out to your higher power and give thanks. He is doing the best he can. He needs our help. Peace to the world Sandy G.

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