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Your Life Time Line

 Good Evening,


          I would like to share with you something I learned years ago.  How long are we going to live? Depends on a lot of things. In America the average age of a Male is somewhere around 73- 75,76 years of age. A female will live to be maybe up to 82. She will live longer than a male.

          If you live longer than that, it is a plus. Your Quality of life after the average is up to you. Your life can be taken at anytime. Younger people are dying because of our drugs mostly. Those drugs play a key role when it comes to your kidneys , skin, and other vital organs. We don't think of this when we are young. Nor, should we. If we have a good up bringing, there is no reason for the drugs or alcohol in our lives. If we do have fun when we are teenagers, we do and then move on the jobs and families.


  Now lets look at this time line. I started working a full time job when I was 12 years. I worked 32 years in the hospital. another 7 in teaching. Now a full time business. I am 63 years old. That is 51 years working on my feet. So Look at my time line. I am female. My mother and father both had heart disease. When you look at your parents or siblings, you probably will follow along the disease process they have.

       This is not suppose to be depressing, it is to encourage you get what you want out of life.Do the things you like to do. Be the best friend ,son, daughter,boss, that you can.  Not perfect, just enjoy your life. And that is what I did when I was young. When I was a mother and now a business owner. Socialize and talk to people. Find out about them,enjoy them. Find a job you love. Because if you are 20. When you quit working at 60, 70. Its a long time to work. Life is short and Death is our outcome as humans. Then that Promised land is there for us.  Amen      Good Night._________

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